The Laboratory of Environmental 'Italsistemi SRL is one of the leading South Italy, thanks to the experience gained over more than 20 years of activity in the sector. The adoption of advanced technologies combined with the use of highly specialized personnel, has allowed us to further expand the range of services of analysis and in particular to the compartments of water and soil. The analysis of water include:

Water for human consumption.
Controls on water intended for human consumption are performed under D.Lgs.31 of 02/02/01 (Implementation of italian Directive 98/83 on the quality of water intended for human consumption)

Sampling and research of various pollutants in this type of water is performed according to the italian D.M. 471 of 25/10/1999 (Regulation containing criteria, procedures and methods for the safety, reclamation and environmental restoration of polluted sites, in accordance with Article 17 of Legislative Decree February 5, 1997, n. 22, and subsequent amendments and supplements) and the meaning of the various regional / provincial force

Sampling and chemical and microbiological analyzes of treated waste water and not, from manufacturing facilities and / or from public treatment facilities shall be subject to the laws in force and that the Legislative Decree no. 152 of 11/05/99 (Privacy water protection from pollution and implementation of directive 91/271 / EEC concerning the treatment of urban waste water and Directive 91/676 / EEC concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources), as amended integrations and DM 185 of 12/06/03 (Regulations for the techniques for wastewater reuse in implementation of Article 26, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree May 11, 1999, n. 152).

Sampling and chemical and microbiological analysis of surface water from rivers, lakes and the sea, suitable for bathing, are carried out in compliance with the DPR n. 470 of 06/08/82 Implementation of Directive EEC n. 76/160 concerning the quality of bathing water) and subsequent amendments and additions. In the case where the surface water should be used for the production of water for drinking, for growing fish or simply to be monitored in the same class of quality, controls water must comply with what is indicated in the various annexes of Legislative Decree . 152/99. The decree in fact regulates the quality characteristics relating to surface water bodies, characteristics also regulated by DM 367 of 06/11/03 (Regulations concerning the setting of quality standards for hazardous substances into the aquatic environment, in accordance with Article 3, paragraph 4, of the Decree of 11 May 1999, n. 152).

The controls on the waters of the pool (both public and privately owned) are performed in accordance with the UNI 10637/97 (Requirements for circulation systems, treatment, disinfection and water quality of the pool), which defines the requirements for chemical and microbiological of water intended for use in the above mentioned plants.


The activity involves:

Sampling and analysis of non-agricultural land
Sampling and analysis of agricultural land
Sampling and analysis of drinking water
Sampling and analysis of groundwater
Sampling and analysis of waste water
Sampling and analysis of waste
Field measurements for the 'physical and chemical hygiene (outdoor environments, workplace)
Sampling and field measurements for atmospheric emissions
Monitoring risk linked at asbestos.


Monitoring of electromagnetic fields of low and high frequency under Law 81/2008
Analysis of Compost and muds
Analysis on Metals
Microbiological Analysis
Monitoring phonometric under Law 81/2008
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