The company was founded in 1994 by the idea of ​​the Engineer Antonio Bevilacqua in Calabria to realize a structure capable of dealing with the great challenges industrial versatility, able to innovate and constantly increase its scientific know-how to improve the quality of processes, products and services.

■ In 2003, was born, in the industrial area of ​​Crotone, the Centre for Research in Environmental and Agri-Food, a structure that in addition to the research offers the Calabrian territory an important activity of laboratory analysis and consulting in the field of biochemical and environmental engineering.

■ In 2006, was born, in the industrial area of ​​Crotone, the new Centre for Research in Medical Biotechnology, the cooperation between public and private, to give a new and important impetus to research in Italy and effectively achieve a great synergy between the most important scientific Southern Italy, large reservoir of talent that represents the true, great resource in which to invest.
In this direction, the Italsistemi of Crotone, the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University of Catanzaro, the Department of Physiology, University of Naples and the International Institute of Genetics CNR Naples collaborating for years in several research projects, finding in the new Center Italsistemi a strategic framework in which to develop interesting scientific and educational activities.
The scientific coordinator is Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Scala, Professor of Biology at the University "Magna Graecia" of Catanzaro.

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